Vanilla cupcakes

Second birthday batch of cupcakes, this time for my boss. Again, a Cake Days recipe. I am quite glad I keep leaving that book around, the recipes are all relatively simple and very well explained. The moment someone will request a cake from the French Bakery book I’m gonna be in serious trouble.

Every time I prepare the icing I promise to myself not to have a cupcake ever again, but I think today was a bit of an eye opener…

Below is the amount of butter necessary just for the icing of 24 cupcakes. 320 grams.

This, and 1 kg of icing sugar.

Just sayin’.

Anyways. Aren’t these the cutest domes? Look at them. I’m such a proud, smug mummy.

And finally the finished product. Im obviously not as good as the Humming-birds at decorating.