Bits and bobs from down under: Carrot and ginger cake

My boyfriend and I just came back from Australia, where his sister lives with her family. We girls share a love for food, and I had brought her a copy of “Cake Days” from London given that it seems to be pretty expensive where she lives.

Worried that I could get a withdrawal crysis from the lack of baking activity, she suggested that I tested one of the recipes. So we agreed to try the carrot and ginger cake.

As the cake I made only had two layers, I used the remaining batter for some cupcakes.

Maybe it’s because of the way food tastes down under, but this was my most successful cake by far. It was fragrant and fresh, the orange icing was flavoursome but not heavy.

Also, I discovered the joys of using a freestand mixer.. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to resist before placing an order on Amazon!