England Preserves’ Raspberry Deluxe

If you live in London, above all if you like hanging around Borough Market, there’s more than a chance that you have visited Roast. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you to do so. Roast is not a budget restaurant, but it certainly isn’t overpriced. I treated myself to a few full English breakfasts there; cheaper than lunch, nonetheless satisfying. The ingredients are fresh, of outstanding quality, and the portions are so big that it will probably be tea time before you start thinking about having food again. A few weeks ago, during our last expedition, my boyfriend must have thought that he was hungrier than he was and, upon ordering his breakfast, added some preserves as a ‘dessert’. After we had both emptied our plates and thought we could eat no more, we eyed the still untouched colourful selection. I was fascinated by the shiny, ruby-red raspberry jam. The texture was smooth and slightly runny, but rich. The flavour was intense, sweet but not sugary, with a hint of acidity, and it was just like eating a mouthful of fresh raspberries. It was simply jam, still I was captivated by its many contrasting qualities. Knowing that Roast often purchase their ingredients from Borough Market, I asked who the supplier was; sure enough, it was a trader just behind the restaurant. Three weeks and a trip to Australia later I was back to work, waiting in trepidation [sad, I know..] for Thursday to arrive and for Borough Market to open. And at last, there I was, in front of the England Preserves stall, all of a sudden overwhelmed by the choice. For a few seconds I fought a little internal battle, having in front of me so many different flavours lined up, all tastefully packaged in a simple plain jar and a fresh, quirkily designed label. Still I had to stick to my duty and bring back to my boyfriend the raspberry jam, his favourite. If you like jam, I strongly recommend that you pay a visit to England Preserves. Their page on the Borough Market reads:

High fruit content jams and preserves made in London by Sky Cracknell and Kai Knutsen. Fruit flavours are enhanced by not boiling the jams, which are only taken to around 90 degrees. The company sources high quality ingredients as locally as possible, including apples and pears from Chegworth Valley and soft fruit from Essex, the only notable exception being Seville oranges for the marmalade.