Henry Hargreaves, Sweetapolita and the origins of my baking frenzy

I was meant to go to a cafe in Hamspstead Heath for breakfast this morning, and write a post about it. But the Central Line is closed due to never-ending engineering works and we’re stuck in Wanstead — the only downside of this lovely village being its poor connection to Central London. So I will share something I was meant to keep for ‘rainy days’.

Browsing February’s issue of Creative Review a few days ago, I stumbled into this interesting photo:

I looked up its creator’s name and discovered Henry Hargreaves, a former model turned still life/fashion photographer. These pancakes are part of the “Food of rainbow” series, styled by Styled by Lisa Edsalv. As much as brightly coloured food can put me off, I find these shots beautiful, crisp and vibrant.

They also brought back to memory the reason why I’ve been baking on a weekly basis for the past nine months. Which is quite a random one if you ask me. Or even if you don’t.

I’ve always liked cooking and baking; but I’d also always obtained mediocre results presentation-wise, that I blamed to lack of experience rather than my actual sloppiness. While browsing Must Have Cute one night […] I saw a rainbow cake. To me, unexperienced baker, it looked like the most skillful and beautiful and ingenious thing ever. Someone called Sweetapolita had made it. Her Pinterest profile says:

Cake designer, baker, writer, budding photographer, mom to 2 sweet cakelets, lover of vintage & believer of pink.

Ans this was the little beauty that did the trick:

Loving photography, I started trying and emulate her. Nine months later I am still trying and things have changed a bit –I am less into decoration and design and mostly focus on presentation. I will never have her skills [and probably such a brightly lit kitchen either] but as I do it for my own enjoyment it doesn’t really matter!