Goodbye, guilt trips!

I’ve been baking a lot with raisins this weekend. The reason is pretty simple: I had a huge, still untouched bag of delicious raisins that will go off next month.

Also, I’ve been on a 1200kcal/day for the past three weeks, which meant that I can only have a tiny fraction of whatever I bake.

Despite still being in the phase where being healthy and feeling great makes it up for any craving, I developed an interest for virtually guilt free recipes– not just for me, but for all those friends in a constant struggle with their weight. I have baked sweet treats for diabetics in the past and, although it’s not exactly like tasting the real thing, they’re pretty pleasant. They usually involve sugar you would find naturally in fruit. In this case, I decided to also replace all the butter with sunflower seed oil, and to use as little as I could.

Although overindulging is never a good idea, it’s reassuring to know that there’s a low fat alternative to our beloved sweet treats!

I adapted the following recipes:

Apple oatmeal cookies

Banana and Blueberry muffins