Chocolate Guinness cake

Happy belated St. Paddy’s everyone!

As you may know from my previous post, a busy Saturday made of flat hunting and all things collateral conflicted with my plan of celebrating it properly. Therefore I had to wait the following day to bake the Guinness and Chocolate Cake I had planned. The recipe is from the ever so precious Hummingbird’s Cake Days

I only tried some — I didn’t want to break my diet too much, and the boyfriend is trying to avoid fats too, so neither of us really touched the batch of extra muffins. But I brought the cake to work today and, despite the fierce competition of my managers’ ginger cake and Kinder mini eggs, I a couple of my colleagues seem to have had a bit of a cake-gasm.

My manager told me that Nigella has a recipe for this cake too: I think definition she gives about it, “magnificent in its damp blackness” is absolutely spot on. This cake is very rich and moist. You can only just taste the Guinness, because of a slight bitterness.