Seed & Bean chocolate bars

A stash of my favourite chocolate bars due to be shipped to my sis-in-law in Australia.. If you want to buy this really nice organic, fair trade chocolate you can order it from the Seed & Bean website or also buy it directly from Holland & Barrett where they are currently on special offer [I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw it!]

From the Seed & Bean website:

Finest organic Fairtrade Trinitario cocoa beans are harvested for our 72% and 58% Dark Cocoa, 37% Cocoa Milk and 30% Cocoa White chocolate bars. For our organic Cornish sea salt chocolate bar we use a very special Ecuadorian “Cacao Nacional” with a rich full flavour . For our best selling bar a 66% Cocoa from Sao Tome, Africa.
Once this wonderful organic chocolate couveture has been made we then create our bars in small 45 litre batches in Northamptonshire, England, being one of VERY FEW British chocolate organic fairtrade producers in the country.
We like using local and small scale suppliers wherever we can and we think their care is reflected in the taste of our organic fairtrade chocolate bars, winning five Great Taste Awards and two from the Academy of Chocolate.