Cookery School at Little Portland Street

Due to unforeseen circumstances there won’t be any baking or fancy cooking this weekend: the cheese souffle and the lavender marinade chicken will have to wait!

To save my culinary weekend came a cookery class I had booked a while ago and to which I was greatly looking forward. Cookery School at Little Portland Street, based in London, offers a wide range of courses at a reasonable price; I am quite keen on attending one of their pastry classes in the future but, willing to involve the boyfriend, in this instance I chose a more ‘masculine’ subject and booked a Meat & Poultry class. The tutor explained us of the various types of meat, their cuts and gave us suggestions on how to choose the best piece depending on its cooking method . We then split into groups and proceeded to prepare the various meats, while following what our fellow attendees where working at. We ended up feasting on the result of our hard […] labour. We left the school cheerful, more knowledgeable and full like eggs!

A few points I was unaware of, but that I consider a big bonus [from the school’s website]:

At Cookery School, our emphasis is on delicious, flavoursome food using excellent ingredients. All of our meat, poultry, eggs, root vegetables, fruit and wines are always organic, as well as a host of other ingredients. Sustainability has always been part of Cookery School’s ethos even prior to the advent of wonderful organisations like theSustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) and Sustainable Fish City who push us to do even more. This includes:

  • Over 75% of our ingredients is sourced locally
  • More than 75% of our fresh produce is organic
  • Every year we work with local and national charities to raise awareness of sustainability and healthy eating
  • This year we have switched to using renewable energy in our kitchens
  • We now recycle all of our food waste
  • 99% of our supplies arrive in glass or tins, in line with our ‘no plastics’ policy and there’s no cling film in our kitchens