A rainy Jubilee weekend and Jubilee inspired fresh fruit tarts

You have to be grateful to the Queen for giving us an extra day off in her 60th year of reign. I would have been even more excited if the weather were as nice as last weekend’s, and if the boyfriend didn’t have to study for an exam. I am left with:

  • Cleaning/laundry sprees: since we moved house, the amount of laundry seems to have skyrocketed. No matter how many loads I wash, the basket is always full. I start suspecting there is a ghost in the house who changes its sheet with an embarrassing frequency.
  • Excursions in South Woodford’s surroundings. That is, its shops. Grocery-wise, I can choose among a Sainsbury’s, a huge Waitrose and an M&S Simply food. But I am loving the way less fashionable International Supermarket, where I even managed to find some Italian buffalo mozzarella. Even more exciting, they offer an unbelievable choice of spices and beans. Entire isles. One day I might even know what is possible to do with them. And then there’s Treasure Chest, a household store. Every time I pay a visit I want to buy all their kitchen gadgets. More importantly they sell Astonish cleaning products, which are entirely cruelty free.
  • My morning jogs in Epping Forest, which eventually will bring here. I am an incredibly lazy person, constantly out of shape, and I find physical activities unbearably painful and boring; I hate the feeling of my muscles getting tight and sore and being out of breath. So I thought that running a 10k wold be a heroic enough gesture to support a good cause [HUGE quotes around the word heroic]. In the past few years I have seen too many people taken away by cancer, one of them being a young man gifted with exceptional intelligence, sensitivity and kindness. With him in mind, last year I joined Cancer Research Race for Life. I did well in the run and raised way more than expected, having obviously underestimated my friends’ generosity. Straight afterwards, blinded by the excitement, I registered for the 2012 edition… But when I started training last month, half-hearted, I thought this would be the last time I joined a 10k run: too much effort. Four weeks later I am seeing a constant improvement and actually enjoying my early morning jogs in the forest. Depending on how long I can hold onto the running bug for, I might even join a half marathon next year =)
  • And, of course, the unmissable baking session… I was unsure about what to do in occasion of the Jubilee weekend, also due to my renewed commitment to healthy eating. I have seen some truly lovely ideas online [this being my favourite so far], but all I could think of making seemed very unoriginal. Besides, my renewed commitment to healthy eating imposed me to choose something that wasn’t full of butter. Something with fruit maybe… Well I guess i partially succeeded! You can witness there is fruit on the top of my tartlets. One of your five a day indeed.. Shame about all the cream and the pâte sucrée.

Nevermind, I renew my commitment every other week anyway.

I took the recipe from the ever so precious The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Pastry Arts.