Gok Wan madness

This weekend I was meant to post about amaretto biscuits, a sort of meringue with ground almonds. Truth is I made them and they came out too ugly to be photographed. Not even one of them could be saved for a shot. On the plus side, they were delicious.

Also, the highlight of the week is the sudden Chinese food frenzy my boyfriend and I are experiencing due to Gok Wan’s show on Channel 4. I love Gok Wan: he’s camp, he’s cheeky and he seems a genuinely nice guy. I find his show is very interesting; the recipes seem pretty straightforward and, above all, healthy. Last Tuesday we decided to invest in Gok’s cookbook, a cleaver [which I am now using for everything] and a bamboo steamer. With the first two items delivered in no time, we couldn’t wait to test some of the recipes. Tonight we made ginger beef, a healthier version of the shredded beef you would get in a restaurant. It was fragrant, aromatic, an experience that involved the sense of smell as well as the sense of taste. A relatively quick dish that could easily become my favourite. “One of the best meals I’ve ever had” the boyfriend commented “it almost beats your carbonara pasta”.