Homemade pork dumplings

In these weeks of diet [where “diet” = me being banned from baking] our household has officially turned into a Chinese kitchen. I can’t remember the last time I put a meal together that wasn’t at least inspired to Chinese cuisine. One of the boyfriend’s favourite dishes is actually a vegan recipe that has tofu and black beans as its main ingredients. But oh do we love our meat otherwise! After watching Exploring China, yesterday I decided to try and make pork dumplings. I found this recipe on the BBC website, and relied on the slightly unsettling video below as a tutorial:


My result is not as precise as this lady’s, but we had lunch with the most ridiculous amount of fried dumplings. Nothing to do with sharing a tiny starter of Duck Gyoza at Wagamama’s. We surely didn’t have the embarrassing “take-the-last-piece-oh-no-you-take-it” moment!