New gadgets

A few weeks ago I caught up with Paul Hollywood’s Bread on BBC2. I always jokingly say that I’m in a relationship with Amazon, given the amount of stuff I buy from them on a regular basis, but it verged on ridiculous when I found myself buying not one, but two new toys before episode three was even over.

Item 1: Pizza stone. Pizzas didn’t quite come out like from a wood oven, but they were crunchy and fragrant. I was very happy with the result.

Item2: Baguette tray. I only got around to try it today, weeks after its purchase. Religiously following Paul Hollywood’s recipe I managed to get a decent enough dough [although it took it four hours to prove, and not without a little help under the guise of a hot water bottle]. The result is baguettes with a gold crust and perfectly light and fluffy on the inside. It actually feels and tastes like any baguette bought from a bakery. The boyfriend is having it with butter as I write, and he keeps saying “This is AMAZING” so I guess he’s pretty impressed too!Baguettes