Weekend Combo: London Chocolate Festival + bacon brownies

Today I finally visited the Chocolate Festival, at its last day in London. If you missed it, you might be able to visit the next one taking place in Bristol in the 7th… Continue reading

St. Joseph’s Day cake

As you may or may not know [more likely not..], in Italy Father’s day is celebrated on the 19th March. It doesn’t necessarily fall on a Sunday and fathers usually get presents of… Continue reading

Seed & Bean chocolate bars

A stash of my favourite chocolate bars due to be shipped to my sis-in-law in Australia.. If you want to buy this really nice organic, fair trade chocolate you can order it from… Continue reading

Chocolate Guinness cake

Happy belated St. Paddy’s everyone! As you may know from my previous post, a busy Saturday made of flat hunting and all things collateral conflicted with my plan of celebrating it properly. Therefore… Continue reading

Emergency cookies: peanuts, raisins and ground almonds

Despite it being St. Paddy’s day, I had to postpone any celebratory baking to tomorrow due to flat hunting. Still, by mid afternoon the boyfriend was missing his weekly dose of calories so… Continue reading

Goodbye, guilt trips!

I’ve been baking a lot with raisins this weekend. The reason is pretty simple: I had a huge, still untouched bag of delicious raisins that will go off next month. Also, I’ve been… Continue reading

Tiramisu macaroons

Last week, one of my colleagues generously ripped a page off Stylist┬ámagazine containing a recipe for tiramisu macaroons*, so I decided to try them as soon as I had a chance. Here’s the… Continue reading

The contradictions of modern life

The model housewife inside me has bought a whole free range chicken to get better value for money. Too bad the clueless City girl had no idea about how to cut it. Thank… Continue reading

My first ever food shot!

I was looking for something in my Istock account today when I stumbled into this.. I had completely forgot about this early attempt! Two years and a half ago!

Ginette Mathiot’s shortcrust pastry and rhubarb tart

Update: This is now “Tart of the day” on Tarts for Troops! Rhubarb is one those ‘things’ I’ve never quite known how to approach. It looks like a celery. But it’s red. But… Continue reading