Henry Hargreaves, Sweetapolita and the origins of my baking frenzy

I was meant to go to a cafe in Hamspstead Heath for breakfast this morning, and write a post about it. But the Central Line is closed due to never-ending engineering works and we’re… Continue reading

Squash, goats cheese and rosemary pancakes

An unusual recipe for a traditional day; you can find it here.

Kitty’s experiments: Chronicle of a culinary tragedy

In Australia I was introduced to Adriano Zumbo’s patisserie, famous among other things for his “zumbarons”: a wide selection of macarons in original flavours. As I’d always only tasted the more classic versions… Continue reading

England Preserves’ Raspberry Deluxe

If you live in London, above all if you like hanging around Borough Market, there’s more than a chance that you have visited Roast. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you to do… Continue reading


I am not an experienced baker, and that is why I always feel a certain pride whenever I say: “I have a foolproof recipe for meringue. It never fails”. The look you get… Continue reading

Bits and bobs from down under: “Rigby’s Reliable Candy Teacher” and a recipe for Valentine’s Day

There’s a used bookshop in Dee Why, called Retriever Books. I went straight to the cookery section, looking for old patisserie books. Eventually I brought home with me the fourteenth edition of Rigby’s Reliable… Continue reading

Bits and bobs from down under: Carrot and ginger cake

My boyfriend and I just came back from Australia, where his sister lives with her family. We girls share a love for food, and I had brought her a copy of “Cake Days”… Continue reading

Banana-Walnut chocolate cookies

Here’s what happens when you have two overripened bananas and too much time on your hands: emergency cookies. I got the recipe from here: Banana-Walnut Chocolate Chunk Cookies  They don’t look good due to… Continue reading

Vanilla cupcakes

Second birthday batch of cupcakes, this time for my boss. Again, a Cake Days recipe. I am quite glad I keep leaving that book around, the recipes are all relatively simple and very… Continue reading

S’moreanne cupcakes

I interrupted my January detox to bake for the boyfriend’s birthday. He requested S’moreanne cupcakes from Cake Days, Hummingbird’s recipe book. I also discovered what “2/3 of the case” means. I filled these… Continue reading